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Java7 (まとめ)


◆Vulnerability Note VU#625617 (CERT, 2013/01/11)

Java 7 fails to restrict access to privileged code

◆JVNTA13-010A Oracle Java 7 に脆弱性 (JVN, 2013/01/11)


◆0 day 1.7u10 (CVE-2013-0422) spotted in the Wild - Disable Java Plugin NOW !

◆New year, new Java zeroday

◆[SE-2012-01] 'Fix' for Issue 32 exploited by new Java 0-day code

【Exploit Code】

◆Java 0day 1.7.0_10 decrypted source


◆Java Downloads for All Operating Systems (Oracle, 2012/01/14)

Recommended Version 7 Update 11

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